Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 pan meal!

I know my blog is supposed to be all about cupcakes, but I gotta throw this in here. its my Rice Alfredo with sausage. 2 pans only! Make rice....then while the water's boiling start your sausage. I just pushed it out of the casing and did it like ground sausage. Whenever both are done mix together add Alfredo sauce and 5 Italian cheese blend. done. sooooo good!!!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cinnamon cupcakes w/fluffy white orange icing

These were made on a fluke! I had made the pb cup cupcakes and had left over batter. Here is what I did.(THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOD)

You need a box of the butter yellow cake mix and of course the ingredients to make it Lol.
fluffy white icing
orange extract



make the cake batter & when its all mixed, add some shakes of cinnamon & nutmeg. Its up to you as to how much. I did enough to make it brown. I added roughly 2ish tablespoons of each.

mix it all in & bake them.

for the icing take it out of the cannister and add a dash of cinnamon and some orange extract. I did about a 1/4tsp. Its super strong! Mix it all together. Viola! They will melt in your mouth and they taste like fall!!!! enjoy!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

cookies and cream cupcakes

I am so not kidding when I tell you that these are the easiest most delicious things you will ever make! all you need is:

1 box of white cake mix and the eggs/oil/water it calls for

1 and 1/2 boxes of oreos. Regular or double stuffed

1 container vanilla icing. I used the whipped and it was nice and airy.

First take oreos and twist so one half has all the cream. Put that half in the bottom of the cupcake wrapper, cream side up.

Put all the ingredients for the cake in a bowl, just don't mix it in. Break oreos into the mix. 2-4 pieces per Oreo. leave the half a box that's left to the side for decorating.

After you add the broken cookies mix it all together. It will take on a melted cookies and cream ice cream look. I actually did this by mistake. I wanted them to stay pieces of cookie. Lol but this tasted so much better. The cream from the oreos melts throughout the mix. yum!

bake according to box and allow to cool completely. Ice and decorate it with half an Oreo on each cupcakeand sprinkle a few cookie crumbs on top. You get this awesome soft/sweet/crunchy cupcake that will disappear in minutes!! Enjoy!!

**sorry the picture is poor quality Lol**
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Easy Peasy fall cupcakes!

These cupcakes are sooo yummy and soooo easy to make.

1 box spice cake mix
2 eggs (in place of the 3 it calls for)
oil and water called for on the box
1 can apple pie filling
brown sugar

for frosting:
can of cream cheese frosting

ready for the easy-ness??

combine the apple pie filling w/cinnamon and a little brown suger (to taste)
add this along with the spice cake mix and normal ingredients. Bake as per directions on the box.

Allow to cool and frost!

To make the frosting:
add the cinnamon and ginger (again to taste, its all on you how cinnaminny you want them!) mix well!!

Enjoy! **they taste like October and November had a little baby cupcake!!)